Inadequate Income, Income Disparity, Income Inequality: Call it what you will, it is an issue deeply confounding society today; in the United States and across the world.

Workers deserve a livable wage to maintain a respectable standard of living that is not dependent on government assistance when they are essentially contributing to the success of the companies to which they dedicate their labor. If, after that commitment, they require tax payer assistance, it means tax dollars are subsidizing the profits of companies that are not paying adequate wages. It is time for employers, not tax payers, to adequately compensate labor.

Democracy and the Free Market is the best system history has evolved because it is consistent with people’s inherent need for freedom. Using taxation as a means to resolve economic plight is completely antithetical to the basic principles that have made our democracy, and its economic success, the envy of the world.

To be consistent with these principles, believes the continued success of our democracy, and the economic benefits it provides, requires that workers are paid a livable wage, not a minimum wage, and advocates adherence to one of the base axioms that underlies true democracy and its ability to resist corruption: self responsibility, and the community’s obligation to promote it.

Now, let’s do the work to achieve it.


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Artist: Steve Cup